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3 Ways To Postpone TV Time – Free Printable Included!

3 Ways To Postpone TV Time – Free Printable Included here!

This week, despite many vitamins and tinctures and what not, the flu struck our home. And we survived! But my one temptation through it all was to just leave the TV on the whole time.

Thankfully, my husband was there to help me stick to my guns. And while there was more TV time than usual in the process, we still stuck to a rule in our home that has now proven successful even in the midst of sickness.

My Rule

  1. Have you played with Toys yet?
  2. Have you had Creative time?
  3. Have you played outside?

= then you can have some TV time.

It has taken a few tries of breaking out of our habit, but it has been successful and there are hardly any fights any more over this rule. Because all the other things are fun!

Trouble-shooting Issues/Solutions

  1. They might need a visual reminder of this rule – they will ask you constantly for the TV – so show them the free printable I made for you! Remind them of the rule, and then stick to your guns. Walk away if you need to. Pull out a toy for them to play with, and then walk away. If they have no one to show their fit to, it wont last very long. Use my noise-canceling headphones! lol
  2. Eventually, they may figure out loopholes around this rule – it wasn’t very long until my son figured out that 5 minutes of coloring technically completed this rule. So I set timers now. If it is going well, turn that timer off. They don’t need reminders that they can stop playing! Maybe that’s cruel, but the way I figure it, they’re having fun, why not let it continue in a healthy way?
  3. You’ll need some fun creative things for this to work – call the Grandparents and make a list for the next birthday if you need to, but this doesn’t work if creative time isn’t fun. Here are some things that my son loves to do.
    1. Usbourne wipe-clean book
    2. Painting with washable kids paint
    3. Markers and Coloring Book (great dollar store purchase)
    4. Scissors Practice
    5. Play-dough from the Dollar Tree
    6. Cooking with Mommy
  4. You may live in a frozen tundra 60% of the year – as an excellent friend brought up, this is very hard and not always safe to send them outside. Exercise is a great way to substitute. Couch cushions make excellent climbing tools, and bouncing tools. We love to stack them up together and play “climb the mountain” or have dance parties on them. Or set up an obstacle course with them in your home! Get creative! Story-time/book time is also a great way to use that time to expand their minds. Set the timer, send them to their room or whatever fun nook there is (maybe under the table with some pillows?) and enjoy some quiet time yourself!
  5. Not all TV-time is good time – do you know what your kids are filling their heads with during this TV time? Sit down and watch an episode with them. Decide whether or not if it’s a show that you want them learning from. There are many to choose from, and if you don’t know, reach out and ask some Mom-friends, someone will know some good, healthy options. We like Daniel-Tiger, and Veggietales (which is free on You-Tube) There is also a “Netflix-version” of kid-friendly shows that you can pay for called JellyTelly (another great gift option from grandparents!)
  6. They may need the TV removed from the Living Room – remove the temptation, and they forget about it! It’s almost magic. Yes, its a hassle to move a TV. But it’s 20 minutes of your time, for their lifetime of good habits. Before you knock it, try it.  It was instantaneous with our kids. No more constant asking for it! And when we did watch it, it was in my bedroom, and it was special. AND I got to relax on my bed. Double-wammy awesome-sauce.

#whatevermoms #whateverworks

As promised – here is the free print for your home!

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2 thoughts on “3 Ways To Postpone TV Time – Free Printable Included!

  1. I think you have a great plan. We had a rule if the kids came to us with I’m bored, they got chores. They learned pretty quickly how to be creative and not be BORED. I’m going to share more about this in my talk about pastor’s kids this summer at some of the conferences.

    1. I dont know why I forgot about this method, and I feel like I need to make a whole new sign. lol. For now I hope everybody will read this comment, and I may add it to the troubleshooting methods, because I just used this and it totally worked! lol. And he really enjoyed doing all my laundry with me! When I asked him if he was all done, he said, yep. I’ll go play. lol

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