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8 Ways to Connect after Moving

Moving is no picnic. And it’s exhausting.

I have moved 5 times since getting married…5 years ago.

Besides the stress of moving in general, packing and unpacking, especially with children, you have to adjust to a new location, and sometimes to a whole new climate.

As a Mom, it’s your job to manage the household, and the mental (and physical) health of your family.

It’s so hard.

However, having moved this many times, I can say that I have done the leg work and I want to share some tips and encourage you that:

  1. You can get connected to your community
  2. You can get through this
  3. and You can feel comfortable in your skin in 5 months if you try these things

**Disclaimer – You may try some of these, and find out they are not for you. But guess what? Sometimes, trying new things and not meshing, leads you to find someone else who felt the same way! BOOM – friendship.

Here are 8 Ways to Get Connected to Your Community After Moving

  1. Find your local community board on Facebook
    1. type in your local town, or township, or village, and something will generally pop up. Ask permission to join and boom! All the local happenings will show on your news feed
    2. Use this to find new furniture, local events, a church, new restaurant, Mom events, and even a babysitter
  2. Go to the Library
    1. If you are fortunate enough to have one in your town, take advantage of this asset. It’s a hub for Moms, and most have children reading times. And I am sure your kids are sick of seeing boxes, and a stressed out Mommy too.

  3. Take a Drive – explore your whole town. Take mental notes of places you want to visit. Of places your kids can play, or you can enjoy by yourself and with your husband.
  4. Find a park – again, Mom’s flock here!
  5. Find a MOPS near you (or any Moms Group)
  6. Go to Church
    1. I realize you may have no religious affiliation, but I gotta tell ya, the people make mean pot lucks, and are dedicated/commanded by their religion to take care of people that attend there, and there are many Moms and Grandmas that would love to have you over for coffee or tea.
  7. Ask the people that work in establishments about the hows and whens and whats of the town. They’ll know.
  8. Explore with your husband – every time we have moved to a new community, each date we go on, we have to try a new place. How else will you find your spot 😉 It’s very fun.

A couple of tips and encouragements:

  • If you don’t like an event you attend, or feel it is too clicky
    • Tell someone in charge. They have created these events for new people. If new people are uncomfortable and don’t like it, they are going to want to know about it!!! In a kind way please though, they have put a lot of work into these.
    • Make a difference – Volunteer for this event or group! Reach out to those who feel the same way as you do. There are outcasts in every town. And they may feel just as alone as you do. And you will find connections, I guarantee it.
  • Give it 5 months to get comfortable in your community, and 1 year to feel “connected” after your move.
    • If you are making efforts, I have found this to be accurate. And the time will fly by.
  • You have moved to this place for a reason. You are here for an alloted amount of time that you may not know. Make the most of it. And live with purpose.
    • “From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.” Acts 17:26
  • Just keep swimming.

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