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10 Quiet Time Ideas for Moms with Kids

If you’ve got kids at home, then the word “quiet” is a cherished word. It’s a cherished time, and sometimes, a cherished place.

How does one have a quiet time, when there are so few quiet times in the day?

Once you get a moment alone, it seems that something else comes up.

Your kid wakes up from that nap.

The Dishes stare at you from the sink.

Sleep overcomes you.

Sometimes those few moments of quiet are the pivotal point in your day that makes all the difference between a nagging mother, and a patient wife.

If you want it, try these tips to achieve that “quiet time” throughout your day:

1. Settle for Something Less than the Pinterest “Quiet time”
You scroll down through Pinterest and see these beautiful images of coffee steaming, blankets ruffled up, rain on the window, book in hand, and you think to yourself – if I could just be there, everything would be better. Now, those moments are beautiful and wonderful and we love them – but they are hard to find in our daily lives. Unless you are willing to Wake Up Early, or Stay Up Late – make quiet time a priority throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be perfect or idyllic to obtain the same benefits from it.
2. Go for a Walk
There is usually a point in the day when everyone gets a little stir crazy. Even if it’s raining, take a walk. Vitamin D will greatly improve your mood, as will the endorphins that generate as you exercise. If you have small children like I do, they typically are quiet when being pushed in the stroller as well. Grab those headphones, listen to a podcast, message, or music, and enjoy the quiet time. And make sure, as you walk back home, that you prepare yourself for the reality that will greet you as you get back home. That is a great way to avoid being an Angry Mom when you get home.
3. Put down the Laundry Basket
Sometimes, those nap times need to be fully utilized for your own rest as well. Set an alarm for 10-20 minutes, because, according to the Huffington Post, anything over that will cause sleep inertia, or a period of grogginess and reduced performance caused by waking from the middle of a deep sleep. And then do what you need to do. Take care of yourself!
4. Make Quiet Time a Routine at Breakfast
The kids already have a routine for Breakfast, so you know they can adjust to yours. Set out what they need to have a good, healthy breakfast, and grab a book or notebook and have that quiet time.

If they aren’t dying, they probably don’t need you. Or they can learn to do without you. Ignore them. They’ll get the point soon enough. Prioritizing a quiet time for yourself in front of the kids will also teach them the importance of a quiet time. Give them a book for the mornings, or colors. They might enjoy it. Or schedule a quiet time for them at least once a day. It is a great thing to teach kids and teenagers in such a busy world.

5. Pull a Suzanna Wesley
Mother of 18 children, and two of the most famous revivalists in American History, can teach us a thing or two about raising children. But one of my favorite things I learned about her was her method of finding alone time. Can you imagine ever finding it with 18 children? She would go and sit in her favorite rocker every afternoon, and throw an apron over her head for an hour. Her kids learned not to bother her when the apron was over her head after a while. Please, if anyone starts this, send a picture with #whatevermoms. I HAVE to see that!
6. Utilize an App
There are so many apps out there for quiet times. I like Daily Bread and YouVersion. But please comment below for some other Quiet Time Apps. They are great for short snippets of “food for thought” to positively impact your day. Lock yourself in the Bathroom if you need to.
7. Listen to a Podcast or Message
These have been so great in my life, because they allow me to multi-task! I can tune out the crying and whining and focus on these messages while I’m doing laundry, or cooking, or playing on the floor with my kids. My favorite is Focus on the Family’s Daily Broadcast because there is something new every day. Do prep yourself for being interrupted though. Here’s a few more ideas on things to do at home.
8. At some point, your kids get old enough for you to teach them how to practice things like yoga. There are multiple benefits here. It teaches them how to exercise, mentally escape, and breath. All important things to learn throughout your life. Of course, prep for the learning curve, let go of the control freak urge, and get ready to laugh – because kids make some pretty funny yoga poses.
9. Ask your Husband
If he is not comfortable alone with the kids without you, tell him life will be happier with a happy wife. And don’t take too advantage of the time, even 10 minutes can make a huge difference. There are many times I have turned to my husband and asked him to give the kids a bath so I can have a moment of peace. Or told him, “I need to go outside for a minute.” And he has learned that it truly does make a difference.

Pay it forward with other Moms or friends, and your Husband as well. Make your house an open door. You of all people know how valued grocery shopping is by yourself. If you start it, others will be more comfortable with repaying the favor, and paying it forward as well. If your Husband is upset or short, give him some moments alone as well. Its not always taught.

10. Wake Up Early – (Or Put the Kids to Bed Early…If you can)
If you want truly want that idyllic, Pinterest, quiet time, you really can only get it early in the morning before the kids wake up, or after they are asleep. Talk with your husband – maybe agree on quiet times together or separate for that evening if you need it. I’m sure he wouldn’t hate that idea either. If you are more of a morning person, make your coffee the night before. There is nothing better than the smell of coffee wafting to your room to wake you up. If you are a snoozer, place your phone away from your bed so you have to get up. And make sure and go to bed at a decent time. Because a lack of sleep defeats the purpose of what you are trying to achieve.

If you believe in God, Pray and Ask for help to wake up in the Morning. Why not? If all good things come from God, then He certainly can wake you up to have some quiet time. I once prayed over and over again that God would overcome my desires and make me have quiet time. Be careful what you pray for – I woke up every morning at 4 am for 3 months after that. Could never get back to sleep.

I cant stress how important having a Quiet time is through out your day.

What are some other ways that you have found to make Quiet Time a priority throughout your day?


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