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I am a firm believer that you should do things like this all the time, not just on Valentines Day. But I am also a firm believer in taking advantage of all holidays 🙂

SO – just for fun, here are 10 Ways to Show Your Husband Love on Valentines Day!

  1. Here’s the easiest One – Ask him what would make him happy today 🙂 And make him give you an answer!
  2. Bacon – Wake him up with a Pound of Bacon! And coffee of course.
  3. Let HIM pick the movie tonight – no rolling of the eyes when he picks something stupid. He’ll feel cherished that he gets to share something he loves with you.
  4. Bath tub – go to your closest grocery store that sells/arranges flowers. Ask them for the petals that have fallen off the flowers. Draw up a luxurious bath for him (1/2 cup epsom salt, 1 Tbs coconut oil, 1 drop of essential oil) and sprinkle the flower petals all over. Let him enjoy it…..and then maybe join him 😉
  5. Massage – Nuff said. Coconut oil or any oil is great for this. Put on your favorite show or movie, don’t set the timer! Or maybe ask him a list of questions!
  6. Share – Ask him what his favorite memory is with you, and then share yours with him.
  7. Learn something new about him – Take a Myers-Brigg Test with him, or a Love Language Test with Him. Learn more about how to love each other together – and then DO THAT!
  8. Make him something  – grab the kids, some glue, or some ingredients and make him something special. Let Pinterest inspire you. Or ask your kids! That is always funny
  9.  Give him free time to do an activity of his choice! –  Men, they come home, and usually jump into Dad mode. Or Husband mode. Or maybe they don’t, and they just do whatever they want anyways. BUT, there’s a big difference between doing what you want on your own, and being gifted a guilt-free, ‘just because I love you‘, free time.
  10. Don’t expect anything in return. – The best gift is one without strings. And believe me, I have been on the other end of no Valentines Day gift, and thrown a fit. But that doesn’t sound like love to me.

What are some other ways you show your husband love? List them below for other readers to benefit!

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1 thought on “10 Ways To Show Your Husband Love – A Valentines Day Blog

  1. Today I left heart shapes on items around the house telling my husband what I respect or appreciate about him. For example: Note in the garage says I respect that you keep our cars maintained and running well to keep me safe as possible. See if you can replace the word love for a respect word admire, appreciate, respect…He will really take notice when you speak his guy language.

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