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About Me: When Hardships Direct Your Future

About Me:

My favorite phrase: “…and then God.”

Can you look at your past and remember a hard time?

(That’s a silly question I know.) Because you can’t live and not experience hardships.

Looking back now, can you see anything good that came out of it?

Even if survival is the only good that came out of something, we can usually see the good that has come from hardships in our lives.

My Dad used to tell me, “There are 3 kinds of people in life. People entering a storm, people in the middle of a storm, and people escaping the storm.”

So, you’re not planning on dating someone over this internship are you? Because, this really isn’t the best time for you to be doing that.

            We were driving to Atlanta Hartsfield International and traffic was picking up. I thought back to my previous dating experience, shuttered, and emphatically said, “No way. I am so not into dating right now. I just want to graduate, and get a good job.

            My Dad fervently nodded his head from the front seat. No boys at all would be his preference. Unless he chose the guy himself, of course. 

            I gazed longingly out the window, flashing back to my last night at the University.


            The stars gazed down at me, almost begging itself to produce rain. I hadn’t chosen the most private spot to be bawling my eyes out, but my sorrow needed attention. Might as well proclaim to the world that I would be single forever.

           “You’re really great, but I think I would be a better match for your friend. I’m sorry. Would you mind if I called her?

            I stared blankly at the phone. My stomach dropped….You’ve got to be kidding me.

            “MY…MY FRIEND?? Grace??? That friend? The one who just joined our date. Grace? That Grace?”

            “…well, yeah.

            I’m really sorry but you just can’t help who you are attracted to right? I just don’t feel like God is pulling me towards you. But I am drawn towards Grace. And you knw I haven’t dated in 6 years, and I’m just not used to dating women who aren’t super fit.

            WHAM. Right in the kisser. My greatest fears confirmed. I wasn’t fit. My boobs weren’t bigger than my best friends. And it DID matter. Whatever. If he didn’t want me, then he didn’t deserve me.

            “Please don’t do this Keller. Please. What did I do wrong I just don’t understand. Please, please don’t do this.

            You’re begging??? Don’t beg! Anything but beg! Are you crazy??

            “I’m really sorry Meredith. I’ve got to go.



      So here I was. Bawling on the raised wall by the dorms, so everyone could see. The village idiot. The nun. Single. Shunned. Rejected.

      Nope. Not Dating this summer.

            Not. Dating. Anyone.

God laughed, I think, in this moment.

I had no idea that I would be meeting my future husband in 2 days.

Look back at your life. At your, “and then God…” moments.

Would you change anything?

If you embraced that hardships direct your future, would you be more at peace? Would your angst disappear?

Why don’t we just treat every moment then, like an, and then God…” moment.

God’s answer might just be two days away.

#chooseJoy #choosepeace #whatevermoms

In respect to that friend – she kicked him to the curb and told him to bug off…And we are still best friends!

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


2 thoughts on “About Me: When Hardships Direct Your Future

  1. Wow your story was poignant. I’ve had a lot of those moments and then God… i’ve learned over many years of failing at trusting to now see that I CAN trust him and he will come through somehow even if it’s not in the way I expect him to. And now I’ve been coaching my college girl as she looks for her first job. She was very sad when she made it to the second level of interviewing for a school district and didn’t get the job. But I told her God had a good job for her and when she got it she would be thankful she didn’t get the other job. And then God… Came through last night.

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